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Practice the Art of Mental Peace by Playing Solitaire^


For generations, people have been enjoying the ultimate game of Solitaire. The other names of this card game are Klondike or Patience. The game has been very popular for decades. Play this amazing game with a deck of 52 cards. The main objective of the player is to move all the cards to the foundation pile in ascending order and by suit.

Skills like patience and strategy are a must while playing Solitaire. Players must carefully plan their moves and consider the consequences of each action. Solitaire has been the favorite pastime game for almost all of us. You can play Solitaire alone or with friends as you like. Because, it majorly relaxes your mind and can also be a mental workout for many of us.

Now, there are a huge variety of gaming applications. But, the perfect choice for any player has to be Solitaire^ by Camel Motion Inc. The game focuses on a single player version. You don’t have to wait for weekends or for the days to plan friends or family get together. All you have to do is download Solitaire^ and start playing this fun yet relaxing card game.


In addition to this, Solitaire^ comes with a great pros list. So great that decades ago even queens and kings used to love playing this game during their leisure time. Let’s know all about these advantages the game offers:

  • The perfect destination to calm your mind

Solitaire has been known to have cognitive benefits. Evidently, playing the game can improve your memory, concentration and problem solving skills. Many health officials use this game as a therapeutic activity for people recovering from stroke or brain injuries.

Additionally, with increasing mental pressure on our work and personal life, a person needs the perfect way to vent out the stress. The best way to do so is by playing a game that demands full concentration and patience. Because, this mental practice will divert your mind from the issue you are facing.

Thus, this in turn will help you relax. So, now after playing a session of this game, your mind has gotten the time to refresh. And this makes it all the more easy to deal with the issue head on. And nothing can break that saint mind of yours. Thus, Solitaire^ is an application that is a must in your handsets.

  • Get ready to be astounded with every step

Solitaire^ has 4 piles on which the whole game is played. The three piles are the pillars of this game. You majorly use the cards on these piles to win the game. Tableau and Waste piles work together to create the gameplay of Solitaire^.

The main task of the player is to carefully consider the cards in the tableau. Also, the player should understand how the cards move to the foundation pile. At the same time, the player should keep an eye on the waste and stock piles, as to how you can use these cards to make moves on the tableau.

Furthermore, the stock and waste piles provide additional cards that you can use to progress in the game. Whilst, tableau presents a tricky puzzle that requires careful strategy and planning to solve the card puzzle.

  • Customize the look of the game as per your liking

Solitaire^ has aesthetic themes installed in the game for the players. Although, the games that we end up choosing are the best ones for us. But, there are few features that can amplify our addiction level towards the game. One such feature is the themes that Solitaire^ has.

These themes include, the back card designs and the background images. You can change both of them as you want them to be. This feature makes the game all the more interesting because the setting of the game will be according to the player’s liking. Moreover, this will create a personalized gaming zone for everyone.

  • Hints and Undo are the sword that protects you, Always!

While playing a game we always imagine ourselves in a war zone. We play games with the imagery of the realm that we are into. And we play like the strong warriors who never give up on their tasks. However, in a realm, we have few benefits that help us in winning the battle. These are the ultimate weapons which we can use to cross the hurdle.

The same happens when we play Solitaire^. The game has two powerful weapons that we can use if we get stuck in the game. One is the “Hint”! You can use this when you get confused as to what should be the next step in the game. This feature will provide you with a few possible moves that can help you win the game.

Apart from this, the other ammunition that you get is “Undo”. You can use this feature when you make certain wrong moves and reach a dead end. For such disturbing hurdles you can click on the undo icon and move back to the point where you can make fresh moves. 

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In conclusion, Solitaire is a timeless classic. The players of all ages and skills enjoy this game to the fullest. It is a game that requires patience, strategy, and skill, and it can be a fun and relaxing way to pass the time while also providing cognitive benefits. Moreover, Solitaire^ is a simple gaming app that is easily usable by any player. So, open your app store and download Solitaire^ to play the best card game of the century!

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