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7 Reasons for Rapid Growth in Animation Technology

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Animation has always been the core point of graphics designing, a skill that everyone needs to learn. Since its introduction, animation keeps growing and now has become a focal point of the multimedia industry.


Moreover, the movies we watch nowadays with high-quality action sequence is all because of the evolution of animation. No matter how you put it, it’ll keep getting evolved with each day passing.


So if you’re an animation guy, you should also know the history of animation, and the reasons for its rapid growth which are:


  1. The Use of Virtual Reality 


When we talk about animation, the first thing that comes to our minds is virtual reality. It’s a technology that can convert your thoughts, thinking right in front of your eyes, and makes you live in the moment like it’s real.


Virtual reality creates an imaginary world that can be accessed by VR headgear or other equipment. You can even attend your favorite concert or experience some new sensations with this technology.


  1. The Introduction of Augmented Reality


The second most essential part to be played in the rapid growth of the animation industry is augmented reality. It’s completely different from virtual reality in terms of accessibility and experience.


That’s because augmented reality can only be enjoyed using smartphones or smart glasses. The games you play on smartphones are the perfect example of augmented reality.


If you want, you can find many 2D, 3D animation studios in the USA that are using augmented reality to enhance the user experience.



  1. Block Chain (The Game Changer)


Blockchain is not only a crucial part but is considered a game changer for the fast growth of animation technology. It’s great software for experienced animators to design some flawless designs. It adjusts the process of animation and makes the lengthy and difficult process much easier.


  1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence


The introduction of artificial intelligence is one of the crucial reasons animation technology is needed for growth. It gives improved efficiency and productivity to handle time-consuming tasks.


It allows the animators to think out of the box and add their unique creative touch to the videos.


Furthermore, you can use artificial intelligence for visual effects (VFX) to create designs and animations that look more real than the original one.


  1. 2D and 3D Animations


2D and 3D animations paved the way for animation technology to get the much-needed growth to become the pillar of the multimedia industry. You can find many photos and animation with a combination of both and it’ll continue to improve the standard of the animation industry.


You may find this technique used in many commercials, animated films, and social media advertising to make the content more engaging for its target audience.


  1. Morphing Characters


The morphing technique is one of the crucial reasons for animation technology to take rapid growth. Many animation software uses this switchover effect to reshape one image into another. This technique started to gain popularity in 2022 as morphing two images simultaneously started to attract a lot of users.

The main use of morphing is to keep the users intact on websites to browse even more. Besides that, it helps in ranking your website in the Google search engine as more and more users redirect to your website.


  1. Anthropomorphism


Anthropomorphism is a technique that is used to create fictional characters with the traits of a real person. This technique has taken the animation technology by storm and has been an important reason for its growth.


People went crazy about it as they can see a certain character living with their personality in the animated world. The movie “Cars” is the most suitable example of anthropomorphism as it shows how the world would be if there were only cars around.


Before You Go


The animation industry has leaped miles ahead when it comes to evolution. You’ll find many reasons which proves that how much animation technology has grown with the help of virtual reality, 2D & 3D animation, and morphing technique which have made the animation looks as if a live-action movie is going on. Always remember that animation will just keep better and better as time passes.


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